Sunday, March 11, 2007

Ass Kicker

Yesterdays Busch race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was an ass kicker in more ways than one. It had a Kick-Ass finish with Jeff Burton taking the lead from Baby Busch in the intense final lap. Wifey, Pattyjo, was on her feet screaming..."GO JEFF GO!" and that normally only happens with Tony Stewart. Awesome final run by Jeff!! Kyle sliding over the finish line getting 2nd only got better when his ass kissed the wall. The walls did a lot of ass kicking with a record 12 cautions. Todays cup race will be exciting, I just hope no one gets their ass kicked too hard.

Welcome daylight savings time!!! I love it and the snow here is melting finally. There is expected to be major ice jams in the upper Hudson River this year. Those can wreak havoc causing floods and property damage.

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Gvav1 said...

The Shrub got popped at the line!

Lot's of crashes on the way today!