Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Michael Waltrip... his name is becoming more recognised every day as "The man without a Plan". He has bitten off more than he can chew with his big dreams and aspirations of becoming one of NASCAR's premier Team{s} owners. Untold millions have been spent on MWR development with the new Waltrip Raceworld. This is the center of Michael Waltrip Racing operations . It is a massive 142,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility. The main shop facility consists of 107,000 square feet while the fabrication shop consists of the remaining 35,000 square feet.
One of the goals of Waltrip Raceworld will be to create a interactive mini-amusement park. The facility will feature an elevated walkway, providing fans with a inside look on how a race team functions. The facility will also be equipped with flat screen televisions, providing fans with an interactive experience. On his website you can become an official "Mikey Member" for a mere $24.99 which will give you birthday cards from him...just what I always wanted...and Buffy's recipe's...and that would explain his wide berth!! With trying to maintain 3 Cup cars that are not doing a damn thing and the other extravagances and poor choices, he has humbled himself and asked for help from TRD and NASCAR. It's no secret that NAPA is not happy and if they step out...well, need I say more? He may have to turn to Klaussner Furniture Industries who recently upped its Waltrip sponsorship from a smaller window placement to the rear deck lid on Waltrip's No. 55 Toyota. We may see Mikey toting a Rocking Chair on the hood of the 55 with Sammy Hagar riding shotgun.

Back at the Cottage...You know I must be bored when I find interest in someone elses woes... that's what an extended winter will do to ya!! Misery loves company!!


vroom said...

I thought Mikey did, for once, show some humility on Monday night's Inside Nascar show.

John said...

I agree with vroom. He was very humble, not like Mikey at all. I almost felt sorry for him, but then again he's been around this business long enough to know it wouldn't be easy.

I'd like to know why we haven't heard from all those whiners (Rousch) that were complaining that Toyota was going to come in and wreck NASCAR by throwing all their money at it. They haven't been to vocal lately have they?

Steve said...

I feel bad for Dale Jarrett, he will be watching the races with Mikey soon.

The Dixie Butcher said...

RaceFan57 said: " that's what an extended winter will do to ya!! Misery loves company!!"

Well, nobody is as miserable as I am, I truly enjoy the low down & dirty "guz", as my Grammie used to call "gossip". All the triflin' details - those are the tasty bits, so thanks for sharing Michael - I'm really enjoying your blog!

Hey John: I hadn't thought about it, but dang if you ain't right! That's HILARIOUS!! Course, ol' Jack in the Hat has his own woes to ponder right now. He oughtta be thankful to Toyota for stinkin' up the joint, as it takes the attention off of RR, which isn't quite as mighty as it used to be. I imagine Mark Martin's success with Ginn straight outta the box must really frost Roush's grommet, even though they do remain good friends.

I'd have to respectfully disagree with those of you who think Mikey hasn't been humble on Inside Nextel Cup until recently. Even last year he made a lot of jokes at his own expense - without the prompting of Pee Paw (Schrader) even! Although Pee Paw is always ready to get a barb into Mikey whenever the opportunity presents itself.

But you are right, Mikey has definitely stepped up the Humility a good bit the last couple weeks. I'm just saying he's never been 100% cocky all of the time. It's a good thing he & Schrader are good buddies, I think Schrader is a good influence on Mikey in a lot of ways. Particularly the "not taking yourself too seriously."