Monday, March 12, 2007

Atlanta Vegas repeat

The Vegas Cup race ... Awesome!! The drivers did much better than thought adapting to the new track and the hard tires. Pure talent and a far cry from the melee of Saturday's Busch race.
On to Atlanta Motor Speedway next Sunday. Being the fastest track, is the same tire going to be used as the one at Vegas? I've not found any info on this. And the smaller fuel cell? It may be very similar to the Vegas race, but will Hendrick horsepower win again? Kasey Kahne won last year and Tony Stewart won the fall race, so my hopes are... NOT HENDRICK!!! The word "hate" is not part of Hendrick, but I am not jumping for joy over Mr. Arrogant J.J.'s win yesterday. The good news is... Jr. has pulled himself up in the points standings after Vegas and 4 of our favorite drivers from here at the Cottage had top ten finishes.
Cottage news... I've finally succumbed to our local cable company's package deal with the all inclusive TV, Roadrunner and digital phone, but only after becoming fed up with Verizon. Stubborn that I am... we already have Roadrunner on one pc and DSL on two others. Stupid!! Paying for two ISP's, but my 16 year old son is as anal as can be with the possibility of sharing his Roadrunner modem and losing precious Mbps... OMG!! his Xbox might lag!! But I am sick and tired of DSL, Verizon and my wife complaining that we pay too much...she's right!! so we are getting a separate modem to keep the peace. Yes!! He is abit spoiled but no drugs, alcohol or all nighters.
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Steve said...

I agree Vegas was fun to watch, but I hope Goodyear brings tires drives can race with at Atlanta.

Mike said...

Atlanta is an older surface, so they'll have a softer tire. The fuel cell was a one-off at Vegas only, they'll be back to normal at Atlanta. Watch out for the RCR cars at Atlanta.

racefan57 said...

thanks mike.. I really had no clue.


gvav1 said...

Go Happy, I agree.

Thecable bundling is the way to go these days!

Lake Vroom! Fla.