Saturday, March 31, 2007

Not ALL Mikey's Fault

For 5 weeks Mikey has failed to make the cut. I am beginning to feel sorry for him but at the same time it's become "same ole, same ole" and would be a bigger story if he were to actually qualify. We hear things like "he deserves it"... "bad Karma"... "he's bitten off more than he can chew"... I feel there is some truth to all of it, yet let's not forget the technical side of things with the Toyo debut and the first year of MRW as it is now...these things play a huge role. New teams... new crew chiefs... new crew members... new car, and the list goes on. Mikey may have mixed himself up a recipe for disaster, but the ingredients are not all his choice.

I missed qualifying on the tele and I meant to DVR it but duty called and I was off to the races all day, just not the ones I'd prefer. Happy to see Denny on the pole and the rest of the Gibbs guys in the top ten as well as Happy and Jr. and what a surprise to see Kenny S. up there!!

Back at the Cottage... Tulips are poppin up!!!

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