Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Flippin Way!!!!

The Busch Series caution fest at Bristol ended with Carl Edwards going to victory lane, but our local ABC network robbed us...or for all I know it was done nationally. In short...Cousin Carl announced over his in car radio that he was doing his traditional backflip and at that very moment I found myself watching the news. It was 6:02, so the greedy s.o.b.'s "flipped" a switch and abracadabra!! No backflip, no burnout, no victory lane!! It yoked me up abit but I didn't lose any sleep over it. Someone needs to teach ABC the abc's of NASCAR!!

The mix up...that was just too funny!! And then to see Mike Helton come on and explain it...that was even funnier!!! I guess they made the right call, but no matter what, someone got robbed. I'm sure this will get some media attention!!

Smoke's car is looking real good for today and pole sitter, Ironboy, will be tough to beat. Can't help but wonder how the new splitters will hold up with all the bumping that will happen.

Dan Wheldon won the "07" opening race for the Indyseries. He has broken a record by winning at Homestead-Miami Speedway 3 times in a row. I missed most of it because it was late, a rain delay, and although I have an awesome 27" LCDHD in the bedroom, my eyes won the war!! I woke up to basketball highlights.

Back at the Cottage...a mostly sunny day with temp's in the 50' some of you that is cold, but for us it is a frikkin heat wave!!!

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Vroom said...

We got flipped off at 6:02 too!

The Dixie Butcher said...

Heh! "Ironboy" - that's a good 'ern, we like that! Congrats to Dan Wheldon, too. I kinda like him, even though he is a little bit "too pretty". Like his back story.

We missed the whole "mix-up" and Helton's explanation - did he do that while the race was still airing? We had the t.v. on, and were tyring to pay attention to both it & our house guests, but the guests won out!

On Mojo's "Manifold Destiny" I did hear something about all the networks shutting the race down right at 6:00. But again, didn't get all the details cuzza company.

We never allow company at our house on Cup Race days -- unless they are as die-hard fans as we are, but thought it wouldn't be as big a deal on Busch Day. I think from now on we're just gonna make a "no visitors" rule from Friday through Sunday!

Stephen said...

It's strange that has the footage but the networks didn't. :P