Thursday, June 26, 2008

If I had any at all........

Shot taken from my driver's seat....

This has been our pattern the past week or two... rain for two days, sun for one and it's looking as if Sunday's race will be threatened by rain... a race I have tickets for!! We live just far enough away...3 hours...that it's normally not a bad trip, but with gas at $4.20 and rising... well we better bring a tent and sleeping bags!

A very odd weather's raining today, nice tomorrow with rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday, then nice again on Monday.... I am tempted to gamble and plan on a delay until Monday, but I cannot win a craps shoot with loaded dice. Plus we all know that if at all possible NASCAR will try to get to the 1/2 way mark.

Whatever happen to the Luck of the Irish? Must be that other European blood of mine that rules ! Oh well... umbrellas, rain slickers, hot coffee a tent and a zip lock baggie for my Canon... perhaps Kyle Busch can ask the Luck Angels for help...he seems to have them wrapped around his finger !

Wish us luck!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Silly What??

Well I admit that most days I am borderline.

How in the hell can Silly Season predictions possibly be warranted so soon?? Lee Spencer of Fox NASCAR has jumped on the bandwagon with her annual crap. Silly Season is silly enough and the Big Wig Media folk have to hype it up even more. Nothing against Lee personally... in fact I enjoy her editorials, but she has a huge leap of faith or a crystal ball or perhaps she's got a chair in the Oval Office.

A rather shocking lineup for the Sonoma race. Kudos to Kahne, but what a surprise and the top 5 are not what I expected with Road King Robby Gordon qualifying 6th. Freaking J. Johnson and J. Gordon in the top 5! WOW.... well Robby is my choice to win this... like him or not, he's due.

My own mother grew up with and dated Johnny Benson's dad. They are all Grand Rapids Mich. natives... I was born there... could it be Johnny's comfort level at Milwaukee is because it's close to home? Well actually there is 80 miles of water over the big pond of Lake Mich., at any rate...he has become the Milwaukee Beer Blast with 3 consecutive wins there.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day

Photo Credit....NASCAR Media

First...Happy Fathers Day dad's!!

Finally a Nationwide race worth remembering. We have another prodigy on our hands... Joey Logano. 'nough said!.... He will become a household name, but then so has Kyle Busch. The difference being..Logano is a likable kid.

Today's race in my home state...Michigan!! Great state for sure. The race is rather on the boring side though... oh well. It's still racin' and the Winner will be................

Thursday, June 12, 2008


By the look of this shot I took one would think these two have known each other for years. Actually.... this is at Daytona during Race Week...the Thursday. Jeff Hammond was awesome and few people can resist the charm and charisma of my wife Pattyjo.

It's this gift of hers that has landed us a pair of free tickets to Loudon for the 6/29 race. A local car dealer / friend called us last week and said he has two tickets on the finish line.... would we like them?? At first we thought..."ok, what's this going to cost us?"

Not one penny!! He simply adores Pattyjo and life has been very hard on us for the past 6-7 months due to Patty getting hurt at work. Terry, the ticket bearer, has even offered us a car off of his lot, with a tank of gas and a dealer plate for the 3 1/2 hour trip.

Now most men would never tolerate the antics and flirtatious behavior Pattyjo exhibits. Me on the other hand... well I just roll with it. I even encourage it at times. It can be quite entertaining and as you just read, rewarding too.

Last weekend Lake George had it's annual bike rally, The Americade. I turned away for one minute and when I looked back Pattyjo was on the back of a Harley riding off with some stranger. As it turned out he was a cop from Connecticut and he was nervous the whole ride thinking I was going to be pissed off..... hell, when they finally returned I took pictures of them!!

She is very, very much in love with me and would never do anything to compromise our marriage. Her spirit's are down and her self esteem is low because of her accident. It's this sort of thing that gives me pleasure... to see her happy doing what she enjoys.... flirting and getting attention!!

You go girl!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Speed of Light

This shot I took the other night reminds me a little of this past weekends racing.... Changes!!
It all started with Kyle Busch not winning the NCTS race and ended with Kyle Busch not winning the Pocono race. Perhaps it had something to do with his stretching things to the limit. He practically had to move at the speed of light to get from Pocono on Friday to Texas where he finished a respectable 2nd in the Truck race, but it was downhill from there. He was back in Pocono Saturday for practice only to wreck his primary car. He then bounced to Nashville for the Nationwide race only to have a terrible race, by his standards, with a lowly 20th place finish. A big kudos to Brad Keselowski for his 1st and well deserved Nationwide victory! Busch is either insane or just plain stupid because his showing in the Cup Race at Pocono Sunday was an obvious spectacle of an over tired, fatigued driver. With a careless move on the 47th lap where he just seemed to move up the track aimlessly only to find Jamie McMurray there. Busch's car was extensively damaged. Able to return later 87 laps down, he held out until he spun the car again with only 22 laps remaining landing him a 43rd place finish. His points lead has been narrowed considerably with Jeff Burton now only 21 points behind him.

Pattyjo, my wife, says Busch is a pompous ass and deserved what he got. She says ... "Look at me!!" "I'm Kyle Busch... the next best thing to..." Well, you get my drift and I tend to agree with her. I also highly doubt he'll learn anything from this as he'll rationalize and place blame everywhere except on himself.

An outstanding race by Kahne and The Biff.... well, if Greg's luck would only turn we'll see him in Victory Lane.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pretty Picture??

Photo from NASCAR Media

I'm not your "A" typical NASCAR fan. I am truly not a driver basher. I am not solely devoted to a single driver. Fans like me are rare, yet Ryan Newman made mention of this type of fan at a press release, which gave me a boost of confidence because I thought I was some sort of freak.

I am a firm believer in.... "Who am I to Judge". Passing judgment on someone without having all the facts is emotionally driven. Assumptions are biased ignorance and often times derived from ones own misgivings, shortcomings and/or mental illness. They can also be passion driven or done in the heat of the moment out of anger or defensively. We are all only Human.

This is what Kyle Busch did when interviewed after Jason Leffler accidentally spun Busch into the wall. The anger was understandable and his words were rather comical..."Da!". Jason's public apology was honorable, but I think premature. From what I saw he really didn't do anything wrong. His car got loose, period. The incident gave both drivers a DNF and the fans as a whole probably loved this. Right here in my own house I heard "YES!!!!!!"

At any rate, Busch is one hell of a racer. No denying. But his dominance in all 3 venues is making people either dislike him more or causing them to take a closer look at this prodigy. I actually saw for the first time, at a Dirt Track Race I attended, a Kyle Busch T-shirt on an adult male. I was surprised and even pointed it out to Pattyjo.

Speaking of prodigy.... a big congratulations to Joey Lagano for an incredible debut race.