Thursday, March 22, 2007

Puppy Love

Many drivers probably wish this could happen. Reading through's article by David Newton and SceneDaily Dish news, drivers are still complaining about the COT, but that is to be expected. The anxiety level is already high and adding this equation to the mix doesn't ease the pain. Smoke made an interesting point... "It's hard enough just to run one type of car, and it's going to be extremely hard to have to shift your focus between two different brands of cars this year just trying to figure out the new car"... Big question looming.... Will the COT level the playing field?

Back at the Cottage... I sent my mom and dad a link to this blog yesterday. Since I'm still a rookie "blogater", as Vroom puts it so well, I had not shared this with them until yesterday. Later I get an email from mom telling me... "Dad and I just looked at your web site, it's neat, however you do know that I am not a sports fan of any sport LOL"... and then a later email said... "Does Johnny Benson JR drive for NASCAR? I went to grade/high school with his Dad, they lived by us, He had such a crush on me followed me around like a puppy dog"... So right away I'm thinking I could've been a NASCAR driver if my mom only succumbed to Johnny Benson Sr.'s advances... then yet another later email says... "If you should ever meet JB jr tell him your mom went to Beckwith gradeschool and Creston High school in G.R. with his dad......I hope to see JR when they are here this summer at the American Legion, and I can tell him myself, maybe his dad will be with him, that would be a HOOT!!!"... Well mom, if you're reading this, as I'm sure you are, and forgive me for sharing this publicly, but it is just way too cute not to. Your chances of meeting either of the Benson's are far better than mine, so please if you do, get Jr's autograph for me and give the old man a hug...he may still have that puppy love.

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