Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Devil's Bowl Speedway
West Haven, Vermont

Things have been very crazy for me this summer with little time left to post on this blog. I'm working my construction business as well as my photography business. The above shot is at a dirt track. I've been given the opportunity to be their photog. I'm also doing our local Go Carts and weddings adinfinium.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Gentleman

Photo by me at Daytona in Feb. '08

I have to give Jeff Hammond a big kudos. I recently emailed him some photos I took of Patty and Jeff at Daytona. It was a hilarious few minutes. There is a post about it in my archives...

Jeff answered my email and remembers that day. It's so cool when celebrities take the time to reach out to the fans and it's rare. Funny thing.. Jeff's friend and co-worker Steve Byrnes also answered an email of mine.

Thanks Jeff!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


From our camping trip this past weekend.

We went up to Rogers' Rock Campground on Lake George Thursday 8/7. We no more than got things done and the rain came. I had engineered a tarp tied to trees and stretched it over 2 tents and a screen room/tent, so we stayed dry for the most part. Friday brought another period of rain but the night hours and all day Saturday were dry and very nice. Sunday.... more rain!!

Watkins Glen... the rain plagued qualifying but they were spared yesterdays wetness. The Glen is about 3 hours west of my house and it surprised me to see they were not getting hammered like the rest of NY state. This has been the wettest summer I can remember in a long time.

Maybe it's just me... but this 3 week stretch of the racing season is the longest...boring!! From Pocono's [yawn] race to Michigan's. At least there is Bristol as an encore.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Rusty!!!!

A tribute to Rusty Wallace, although my dog's snout is too good for him.

Why does he whine like a baby and act like he's Holier than Thou? Based on his assumptions he and only he claims that Roger Penske fired Ryan Newman and even if it's fact, who is he to drag it all through the mud?

He and Newman have never been best friends, but that's because Wallace is a big baby and Ryan tells it like it is with his sarcastic humor and wit. Wallace truly needs to mind his own business.

The Glen... looks like rain again this weekend. Us folk up here in the Northeast have been plagued with wet for weeks on end. Perhaps NASCAR will try out the rain tires again.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Night shot of Lake George Village, NY... 7/31/08

Posting my own photo... yeah well it's because I always post a photo from one source or another and night shots are among my personal favorites. Of course you have to be a photographer to fully appreciate why. These shots take time and patience... a tripod, a body of water helps and a full understanding of shutter speed and aperture are necessary. The results are usually very colorful despite it being dark...

Colorful... word of the day. And it's been anything but a Black and White week.... suddenly Manny Ramirez went from Red to Blue in a shocking trade between the Redsox and the Dodgers. My 10 year old son's favorite star and a devout Redsox fan has lost a piece of his young life.

My blog... this one, was flagged as a Spam Blog by Google Blogger and ultimately shut down or frozen in time until I could prove I am a human being. Interesting security measure, but what on Earth could cause such a thing? Well... apparently Google deemed me a human because NASCAR Eclectic was set free this morning.

Montreal.... a gorgeous city... very colorful indeed. The Big Apple of Canada. I've visited in the past and would love to return, but going across the border is no fun anymore. With the Nationwide crew in town Montreal is loaded with Americans this weekend... a contrast with the French and English.

I cannot leave out the drab. Gray is rather boring and the skies promise to be gray over the Pocono's today. In fact it is raining there now and it's only 7:30 am. There's a chance that the NASCAR race will be delayed or possibly postponed because there is more of this forecast for tomorrow... but not as heavy. At the very least they will have a green track.... more color!