Monday, March 5, 2007

Fair and Square ??

Montoya did have an awesome comeback after a fuel filler problem sent him back to 19th. He had dominated along with his teammate Scott Pruett for the entire race. He quickly climbed back to the front but his driving was aggressive. Other drivers were letting him by and if not, he pushed them out of the way, but then he broke a cardinal rule...he spun his own teammate to take the lead. It wasn't long before that when owner Chip Ganassi said "the only thing we ask is that teammates don't wreck each other" or something like that... The spin wasn't necessary. There was plenty of time to get around Pruett and in fact Pruett probably would've let Montoya pass. Pruett is not happy calling Montoya's driving "dirty". I wonder?? Could this be just a case of over zealousness or his Rookieness in cup racing... time will tell.

Justice and closure has finally been met in the Mickey Thompson murder. It's 19 years later but Michael Goodwin received 2 life terms for the murders of Mickey and his wife Trudy.

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