Monday, March 19, 2007

Columbian Gold

Juan Pablo Montoya, or Monty, as I refer to him, has surprised I think everyone with his top 5 finish on an "Oval" track. He has adapted very fast. The Cup cars are big lunkers compared to a F-1 car, but Monty's presence on the wheel is impressive. A bio I found on Ask "Juan Pablo Montoya has had a long and storied history behind the wheel. A hard-nosed racer from the age of 6, the Bogota native sped his way to several Junior Karting championships before dominating the competition in CART. In fact, Montoya was so impressive in 1999 that he managed to capture the CART championship during his rookie campaign, a feat previously accomplished by former F1 champ Nigel Mansell. After a stunning victory at the Indianapolis 500 the following year, Montoya signed a two-year deal with Williams BMW, and was partnered with fellow young stud Ralf Schumacher for the 2001 season." So who's next...will NASCAR owners look to Open Wheel for talent??

Another classic finish to another Atlanta race. I really thought Tony had that one. The finish made the whole race... it was otherwise uneventful other than The Biff taking out MWR's "00" Toyo. I'm looking forward to short track racing at Bristol with the debut of the CoT.

Back at the Cottage... I'm thinking of playing hookie today...a perk of self employment...wifey Pattyjo needs coddling after Johnson's slamming of the door in Stewart's face!!! But really I just feel lazy!!


The Dixie Butcher said...

Good mornin', Sunshines!

Hookie day at Willard's, too. We call Montoya "Hay Pee" (git it? That's Spanglish for J.P. -har!) over here. He's a mighty mutha, to be sure.

Is Pattyjo NOT a JJ fan and IS a Smoke fan? If so, she is my kinda girl. I'll weigh in on The Big Race later this afternoon at Willard's, but for now some of the boys have added some spice to the Busch commentaries - feel free to join in with alla them- y'all are always welcome at Willard's!

Starla said...

Cool now I can just call him Monty. For some reason when I first got into Nascar. I started calling Matt Kenseth, "Fat Matt." For some reason everyone that I know, now calls him that.
I hope Bristol will be an exciting race. I love the short tracks. Tell your wife that my thoughts are with her as she mourns the loss of the race. Hopefully Tony can win one real soon. Then we will all be on top of the world.

Starla said...
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vroom said...

I thought ask men just had girly fotos!!

Monty is the real deal!

rob ijbema said...

i never liked Monty,i used to make model cars for him in F3 and F3000 and thought he was an arogant so and so,not a bad trait for a driver!but i have to say he is good
thanks for the car-a-day link Michael,i will do the same for you...