Friday, March 23, 2007

Earnhardt Negotiations on Hold

If you caught ESPN's NASCAR Now on the tele last night you would've seen the interview with Tyler Walker. Nice kid, but all I could think about was Eddie Munster on steroids. He was not wearing a cap and he, or some makeup artist's rendition, had his hair slicked, maybe with axle grease, and it came to a point on top. Definitely not a pretty picture!!
On the same program at the end David Newton came on with breaking news that Earnhardt's sister hospitalized; talks on hold... lets all wish her a speedy recovery for her sake and for the sake of Jr.'s sanity.

Take a tour of Willard's Garage. Dixie is an absolute blast!!!

Back at the Cottage...Pattyjo has long been a paramedic but after 10 years of it the poor thing couldn't handle all the trauma, especially associated with children. She left that profession and for the past few years has been doing in home nursing care, but that too was hard because she is such a sweetheart and absolutely loves her clients then only to have to watch them pass. She applied for a job at our local county lock-up... lo and behold my wife is going to be a C.O.!!! She'll probably let the inmates go out to get fast food, smuggle in cell phones, cigarettes and girly mags and make sure they all have clean linens, plenty of blankets and fluff their pillows. I can't wait to see her in uniform...and they issue her handcuffs??? I really need to be on my best behaviour...or maybe not!!!

Tyler Walker Photo Credit, found at Bill Davis
Eddie Munster's came from Google Images


vroom said...

Everyone has a twin out there lurking around!!!

Starla said...

All I can say about the whole blog is LOL!!! I enjoyed reading it.

Cheyenne said...

Tyler Walker's hairdo? I was watching that and I thought I was seeing things. Apparently it is the fad these days but not that pointy and straight up. All I could say to myself was "What is he thinking?" How can anyone talk to him and stay serios?