Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Evasive Championship

Roger Penske... a name synonymous with racing.
American Le Mans
Busch Series
IndyCar Series
Nextel Cup Series
ARCA ReMax Series
His diversity is nothing but amazing, yet his Cup teams have yet to win a Championship, although he has won the Indianapolis 500 14 times, and he has won 18 national championships, including nine in Champ Car, two in IndyCar and three in Trans-Am. Impressive!!! All of his teams are under one roof in a 425,000 sq. ft. facility and he plans on building his own 3/4 miler on the property for testing purposes. Two time Indianapolis 500 winner Helio Castroneves has a future interest in running in the Busch series... after seeing what Monty is doing maybe this Penske open-wheeler can bring the organization a title in NASCAR... but I never give up on Flyin Ryan!!!

Back at the Cottage...As anyone knows that has raised a pup it's much like having a newborn. Two nights and he has me up at 3:30. The good thing...he is not peeing in his crate, instead he whines to get out... Good Boy!!! But a wee bit early!!


Mike said...

Some of their moves in the past year were curious (chopping the #77, Intrepid). Kurt Busch is good enough to win a title if given a good car and Newman is pretty close to that level. I'm interested to see when Hornish makes the switch full time.

The Dixie Butcher said...

I love ol' Spider Man! He's a hoot, isn't he? I love how whenever he's asked about the language barrier between him and the NASCAR people, he always talks about having a hard time with Sterling Marlin! LOL! Invariable somebody always reminds him that *everyone* has a hard time with Sterling Marlin!

Seems like I recall Helio acting not quite as confident as Hay Pee when speaking of his experiences with stock cars thus far. But I bet he'd be like Montoya & catch on pretty quick... maybe not quite as quick, but I think he'd do ok.

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