Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lebanon Valley

Lebanon Valley Speedway
West Lebanon, NY

This track is about an hour and 15 from my house. It offers a full schedule of dirt racing every weekend from the Pro Stock's to Modified and the World of Outlaws race a couple times a year. Tony Stewart has been here a few times as have some other big name drivers over the years.

I attended the races there last night for the first time and other than a burst of rain, that only made things messy, it was a pretty cool experience. The World of Outlaws are scheduled for 9/21... top row seats are a whopping $25... a 110% increase over a normal Saturday night. There are 1/2 dozen tracks similar to this one all within a couple of hours of each other and the ticket prices are about the same. You'd think these track owners would go broke!! I'll be attending the 9/21 event.

Tires!! Well... I don't think we've ever seen a race quite like the Brickyard 400. Somehow it did not seem like racing... rather a series of shootout's. One thing that stood out..... there was only one engine failure. Kudos to E.Sad for a great race today as well as Jamie McMurray and AJ Allmendinger. It's nice to see some different drivers with good finishes.

I'm liking Smoke's new digs. The #14 Old Spice / Office Depot seems very fitting. I've always favored the Old Spice paint scheme and next year it'll be on a Cup car.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roll With It

Believe that there are many photo thieves.... feel free to steal this... I hope you like the frame!!

For the rest of you good honest folks... I shot this at Loudon 2 weeks ago. My home track and a place close to my heart. Loudon is as boring a race as there is, but the facility itself is awesome and Bruton Smith is only making it better... my wish is he banks the corners.... make it another Vegas so to speak. Plans already include more seating and new modern restrooms. He'll never have a problem filling the seats there, as it is by far the best track in the northeastern US, next in line to Dover.

I posted this shot of the #20 because it's the final season with Smoke behind the wheel. I have a rather large diecast collection and after this past weeks announcement that Tony is leaving JGR I must add this car to my collection. It is many firsts... first year Toyota, COT and the first time Tony has raced something in Cup other than a Chevy. Then it can claim last as well. First and last in the same season. I will wait... my hope is Tony gets a victory and that raced version would be my purchase.

Some Stewart fans are distraught over his choice...I claim to be a fan of his, but I am the "NASCAR Fan Rare Breed". He is one of several of my drivers of choice. I suppose I am not fanatical. I roll with change fairly well and I see this change as an incredible opportunity. This is where Tony's heart is at and if one's heart is in it, the rest will follow. A good example of this is Dale Jr.. With DEI and Mother Teresa out of the picture he has relaxed and his performance has shown dramatic improvement. I realize that equipment plays part of this, yet it cannot be denied that Jr.'s state of mind is allowing him to focus from his heart. Tony only knows where Tony's heart is at.... but we all know it is with Chevy. That may seem trivial in the scheme of things, but guys do hold "things" as objects of affection. At least he'll be driving the car he loves. No, it won't be with Home Depot and we won't see those silly commercials.

For those of you who are angry, upset, distraught or any other negative emotion... these are self centered feelings based on what you expect. Expectations can be our biggest disappointments in life. It's much easier to roll with the River. Like that of a drifting twig... the twig knows it has no control over the river currents. It has times of turbulence and times of tranquility, but it only has true problems when it is caught up by resistance. Change is inevitable and acceptance is the key... so go ahead... rear up your heads and buck. I only hope y'all feel better for it.

Chalk up another win for Shrub.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Foot in Mouth

Or maybe it's a case of asking and receiving, or ranting and raving, either way the irony is... I wrote that crap yesterday about Newman and Stewart only to wake to an article in Fox NASCAR today... Report: Stewart to be granted release from JGR

I always liked Gene Haas, but he got caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The Fed's merely slapped his hands with 24 months in the slammer, a gift in comparison to what he could have received. Albeit, it has opened the door for Stewart to buy into Haas CNC Racing where rumors state he will totally revamp the entire organization. He'll be back in the Chevy Saddle again and give himself the opportunity to remain with NASCAR well into the future.

What's even more ironic is... rumor has it that Newman has plans to go with Stewart. Smart move... I think?

Joey Logano in the #20... that'll take some getting used to.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Fly on the Wall

Photo by none other...

With Silly Season now in full swing I wish I were this green eyed Deer Fly. If you've ever encountered one of these pesky creatures, you'd know they have the ability to literally get in your hair and any place else they feel like.

There is much happening and many of us "wanna be" flies wish we knew. One example for me is... I want to know what is happening in the Penske camp with Ryan... his contract is up and I've heard very little. I suppose I should pay Mike a visit...if anyone has the scoop on Newman, he does. We all know that Sam Hornish should have stayed in Open Wheel and other than Kurt Busch's luck of the draw and Ryan's 500 win, things are not looking good for Roger.

Then there's Smoke... in my opinion he should remain with Gibbs... perhaps a two year renewal will give him enough time to make up his fleeting mind on what his damn future holds. His performance this season is lacking so far and some say it's because he has too much on his plate... well now... if that is the case how will he perform as an owner/driver?... Get your head out of your ass Tony!!

The smartest decision made is Mark Martin's. He's no fool.

More night racing this weekend at Chicagoland.... perhaps Tony can do a repeat!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Robby Gordon-Driver & Owner of the #7 Jim Beam

We lucked out with the weather. For those of you that watched the race on the Tele you know a storm hit near the end. We were getting in the SUV just as the first drops fell. We missed the late race action, but stayed dry!!

Pattyjo and I had a blast with Robby Gordon. She had Robby laughing so hard. He really is a great guy and a good sport. The fan mob around for autographs were not so pleased with us....Patty was getting all of Robby's attention. It was the best part of the whole race day.

I want to send out a big kudos to my good friend George of "Vroom"... I was sitting in the main grandstand when my cell vibrated... it was George sending me a text message from his tropical island vacation... just very nice to hear from him and a pleasant surprise.