Sunday, April 27, 2008

Crusty Kevin LaPage

Photo Credit....NASCAR Media

Smoke finally gets a Dega win albeit in The Nationwide Series.

What in the hell was Kevin LaPage thinking!!?? When I watched and listened to him give his live statement to millions watching the Tele my thoughts were almost sympathetic. He is either very stupid or just plain deaf, dumb and blind. I'm sorry, but I need to blast this idiot. Mistake... I suppose it was and they are all entitled, but to then justify it and blame the pack barreling at him at 180 mph was just downright ridiculous. I only live about 2 hours southwest of his hometown and he reminds me of the stubborn hard nosed attitudes of so many people that live in these parts. I am a midwesterner having lived in the Northeast for 30 years and like the wonderful Southern hospitality, the Midwest is also friendly and on the humble side of life. The Northeast, for the most part, is anything but! The demographics here are far different than anywhere in the Country and LaPage is no different. I suppose that is where my sympathy comes in, because as long as I have lived here it is part of me that will never get accustomed to or understand. That mistake could have easily taken the life of another driver. I hope LaPage rescinds and feels some responsibility today.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Finally an "On Track" victory for Danica Patrick. It was fuel strategy that earned her the win. A good call by her team manager, Kyle Moyer. A first for her and a first for Indycar.

I have nothing but good thoughts over this. I am not even one bit against women in racing and in fact find it to be pretty wonderful. If the scantly clad photo layouts she's done haven't brought her world wide fame... this Indycar victory certainly will.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I think about Kyle Busch. My thoughts are mixed because last season and previous seasons I rarely gave the kid any notice. One cannot help but notice him this season. He has stepped out of the Hendrick shadows and into the Gibbs Limelight. I see a different man... no longer a boy... he is showing integrity and his pompousness is not so apparent anymore. He expresses gratitude and seems genuinely humble in some subtle way. His recklessness on track has leveled off, but not so much to take away from his driving style. It could be that I'm beginning to like him...or at least showing him the respect he deserves. A prodigy.

Mark Martin topping the speed chart in final practice..... hmmmm! DEI has given him a winning car. To see him in Victory Lane in the #8 would be outstanding!

"Smoke Racing Incorporated"

"Tony Stewart Racing"

"Smoke Motorsports"

Talk of Tony owning a Cup team in the future... now there's a man who would knock down doors in the France office.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quiet Times

First.... My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Brienne Davis.

Things in the NASCAR world just seem to be plugging along without anything silly or controversial. Last year at this time things were off the hook with the inception of the CoT, Michael Waltrip, Toyota and more. The biggest story so far this year is McDowell's introduction to the world. Silly season is apt to bring some interesting stuff.

Phoenix has been the Hendrick's track the past two races... Gordon in the Spring, Johnson in the Fall. My crystal ball is clouded on this one....but again... the Gibbs machines are the ones to watch.

Phoenix is an interesting track... it falls somewhere in between a short track and a super speedway at one mile. The cars average around 110 - 115 mph with a relatively slight banked Tri-oval design. It's almost a cookie cutter, but shorter. Should be a good race.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dessert Shrub

The Shrub finally pulls one off. Not much input from me on this because it's obvious very early in the season that Busch will dominate this year. I remain neutral... I don't particularly care either way. I suppose I'm done being so concerned about the dominance of one driver or another and instead place focus on the level of performance the drivers I do care about. This keeps me from getting aggravated.

Irony is a funny thing. I vividly recall my 8th grade English teacher driving home the meaning behind this word. Of course it is often coupled with coincidence, it has a varying degree of meanings and uses. In a previous post I wrote about Michael McDowell. I truly expected to see this kid climb to fame, but not so quickly and certainly not in this manner. Watching that, was scary.

So what will today bring? Another Toyota in Victory Lane? Perhaps another RCR car.