Monday, February 23, 2009

Pre-Season Promo

Local promoter and owner of Albany/Saratoga Speedway Bruce Richards has developed some super ideas to help fans, drivers, owners and sponsors. He set up this show at a local mall this weekend at no charge to the owners, he has dropped some of the entry fees for '09 and has several ideas for ticket give aways for the fans. He's no fool... all this in the face of bad economics, but he has a full entry field for the season, something other local Speedways can't claim, and has even added Saturday night racing for the Sprint Cars.

He and I had coffee together Saturday morning and he had several suggestions on photo ideas. One would be to set up a cut-out car for kids and adults too I suppose, to sit in and have their picture taken for a few bucks. Also have driver autograph sessions with photos.. nothing new to NASCAR tracks, but not seen very often at local tracks. I told Bruce I'm willing to try anything.

On a roll Matty... Vegas too?!

Sunday, February 15, 2009



The only cool thing about Matt Kenseth winning the Daytona 500 is he started 43rd. That made it somewhat worthwhile. He had an amazing march to the front making it up into the top ten somewhere around lap 35 and Tony Stewart wasn't far behind him landing himself a respectable 8th place finish in his debut of Stewart Haas Racing. Team mate and employee of Smoke's, Ryan Newman didn't fare as well in 36th, but I expect to see good things outa that Hendrick powered Army #39 as the season goes on.

Speaking of Hendrick... chalk one up for Jr. Nice move Dale. Curious to see the jib jab about that. In my opinion it was just pure frustration. Nice crash though!!