Sunday, March 18, 2007

Newman has good "Tude"

Jeff Burton "Whacked" his way to another win... nice job!! Busch Baby had the car to beat, but he came up a nut short!! "All in all, it's just a frustrating, disappointing day," the 21-year-old racer said. "It's so hard to win one of these things and, when you have a car that's so good and you can't capitalize, you're ready to go home and just cry." "Happy"Harvick didn't need to shed any tears with a solid race and a 2nd place finish.

Yesterday I posted "Rocketman is back" ironic!! Maybe I jinxed him!! He has to start at the "back"of the pack in todays Cup race due to engine failure. He has a great attitude about it and with the new engine he felt confident after running against Kasey Kahne during Happy Hour.

My Saturday {yesterday} was awesome... wifey, Pattyjo and her friend Karen went to our local NASCAR store, Victory Lane, and came home bearing gifts. I now have the Greg Biffle #16 Ameriquest diecast to add to my collection and to top it off they got me his Ameriquest drivers jacket. That jacket is awesome!!!

Back at the Cottage... Our 16 year old son, Adam, is a paintballer. He's been at at for several years now and this year has been invited to join a team. This could open a door to a pro opportunity. There is a nice local field here that opens for the "07" season soon, but for the winter months they go to a place in Albany, NY {about an hour south} that is an old warehouse set up as a paintball field. He is a pain in our asses about all this and especially our budget, but he has done very well with it and has stopped using the side of the house or my windshield for target practice.


gvav1 said...

I love die-cast surprises!

The Dixie Butcher said...

A Biffle fan! How 'bout that? You don't run into those every day! (Well, not in Richmond, VA, anyhow! ) I bet you're happy he'll be a regular on Inside Nextel Cup on Mondays. He compliments Pee-Paw (Schrader) and Mikey really well - they make a great comedy team, the three of them.

About your son's hobby? Hey- could be MORE expensive - think about Denny Hamlin's "little hobby". (grin)

The only die-cast we have is the #07 from the '05 Rock & Roll 400 race - Blaney drove. Cecil (from Willard's Garage) did the artwork on it! Thanks for stopping by & saying "hey" guys- see ya after the Big Race today!