Thursday, March 15, 2007

Give it Up

Terri Parsons, widow of the late Great Benny Parsons, is in search of any articles that belonged to Benny, or otherwise, in relation to NASCAR. Reports say she wants racing uniforms, hats, etc., but I did not hear why. Perhaps for display reasons... so if you have anything... HAND IT OVER!!!

"Sprint Cup"... the possible new name replacing Nextel for the "08" season. Kinda catchy, but it makes me think of Sprint Racing cars... I still think of it as The Winston Cup. So what will the Busch Series be?

Bill France Jr. hospitalized...cause unknown?? Why tell us then!! He looked sickly the last time I saw him on the tele... cancer return? My thoughts and prayers go out to the France family.

Back at the Cottage... Yeah I know... the weather. Well I can't help but bitch about it... we had 3 awesome days but now we are in for a Nor'easter that could dump up to a foot of the crap on us Friday. The good news... it'll melt with temps rising again next week.


Gvav1 said...

I'm announcing it here on your site...starting in 2008 the Busch Series will become the "Gvav1 Series"!!!

Starla said...

I agree with you, I thought of Sprint cars when I read Sprint Cup!

Cheyenne said...

Benny never kept anything, he used to give it away. Now they are looking for helmets and racing uniforms.
Sprint Cup, what a joke. Bring back Winston Cup.
Bill France was hospitalized with a virus.
The weather...ahhh the weather...I am in great anticipation of this storm. Bring it on!