Saturday, March 24, 2007

And On And On And On............

MIKEY!!! Once again has failed to make the cut, this along with David Reutimann's "00" but it was good to see Dale Jarrett get in on "time"...just in time!!! Using up another provisional for him would not be good. Not surprising to see "Ironboy" on the pole and my guess of a Rosox car up front was on, but I did not expect it to be Jamie McMurray. Good for him!! Joe Nemechek missed the cut after...I forgot the number... but that was a surprise. At any rate, the field is set for the CoT and I'm liking the new cars!!

So, will Corporate Partnership's become a NASCAR trend? Jack did it and now Evernham is considering it with "George Gillett Jr., the owner of the Montreal Canadiens of the National Hockey League and co-owner of the Liverpool soccer team in England" Ray said it's not about the money??? He wants a championship and feels his teams could benefit by him becoming more involved in the garage areas and in the pit boxes and have a partner to run the business side of things. I like Ray and I think he is more of a hands on type and he just might be on to something.

Back at the Cottage...It's glorious to see the snow melting!!! It's so warm now that the snow is melting right before our eyes...I actually have patches of lawn showing. My Cabin Fever is subsiding!!

Faqs credit for George Gillett: By David Newton


vroom said...

You keep powdering up your blog...looks nice! Won't be long that rookie stripe will get ripped off....not!

Have a gr8 day, is Mikey coming to the lake to watch the vrooming?

Racefan57 said...

If Mikey ever showed up in Lake George I'd take him for a ride on the tour boat "The Minnie Ha-Ha"!!!

John said...

Wise move by Ray. He should be in the shop, not in the office. Let somebody else handle the business side.

Starla said...

Oh my gosh, you still have snow, keep that stuff up there where you live. Here, where I live it is 78 degrees.
I feel bad for Mikey, poor guy.