Friday, March 2, 2007

¿Cuántos el dinero NASCAR

Is it all worth it?? The amount of cash put forth for the Mexico event blows me away. The teams and owners spend far more time and money on the event than any other. The payback is not there and it's all pretty much to expand the Hispanic fan base within our borders by holding an event south of the border where the attendance is far less than 100k. It has it's pro's and it is a race to watch during the Cup off week, yet it seems so wasteful and greedy to me. I feel that our large US Hispanic population will have it's NASCAR fans with or without this race. So what's next?? New Zealand!!


Steve said...

I agree, buy Mexico does draw large crowds & has a very large racing community.

Gvav1 said...

FranceCar wants to be kind to the entire world...they call it global warming!

Mexico ain't going away and Canada is next, get ready!