Thursday, March 29, 2007

Truck Stuff

I'm happy to know that the #18 Fastenal Dodge Truck has another driver. Joe Ruttman has been handed the wheel. Him along with Ken Schrader will put the truck previously owned and driven by the late Bobby Hamilton on the track for most races. According to NASCAR, "Ruttman, who is tied for seventh on the all-time NCTS race winners list, is no stranger to BHR. Ruttman piloted the No. 18 Dodge for Hamilton's organization in 2000 and 2001. Coincidentally, he gave the company its first victory, at Phoenix International Raceway in 2000, the same venue Hamilton won his first Cup win in 1996.
Ruttman has a total of 13 NCTS victories, 17 poles, 68 top-five and 111 top-10 finishes in 168 starts."
Impressive!! It's good to see Bobby's legacy alive.

More Truck stuff...If you click Jack Sprague it'll take you to Fox NASCAR and there you'll see that Jack's hometown is listed as Spring Lake, Mi......WAIT A MINUTE!!! That's my hometown!! It's nothing but a tiny village with a tiny lake that feeds into Lake Michigan. That is where I was born and raised and my family all live there or near by. I just discovered this recently, by accident, and was a bit stunned because I figured if a driver lived in MY town I should know about it. So I "Wikipediaed" him and found that he is a Spring Lake native and the exact same age as my younger brother, which of course means they grew up together in a school with classrooms no bigger than 25 kids. So my next course of action is to call my brother this weekend and find out what I can about Jack's childhood and what relationship he and my little bro had. Spring Lake...a typical small town!!

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John said...

Good news from BHR. He'll be a nice addition to the team. Sure would be nice to see them back in the winners circle.

Cool about Sprague. You'll have to fill us in after you talk to your brother.

With Johnny Benson growing up just down the road in Grand Rapids maybe SW Michigan can claim the title of "Birthplace of CTS drivers".

Racefan57 said...

hey john
yes about benson and my mother grew up with johnny b. mom was born and raised in grand rapids and according to her benson sr. had a thing for her... too funny!!

Starla said...

I miss Bobby.
That is so cool about Jack Sprague being from your hometown. Also I think it is funny that you and I used Wikipedia today. Got to love Wikipedia.

Mike said...

I just heard that Fox will show the Martinsville CTS race. For people like me without Speed, it's big news.

Auto Racing said...

Would be great to see Ken Schrader win a few races.