Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Supersize me

Darrell Waltrip is about as corny as one can get, but unlike little bro Mikey, DW occasionally has a good thought..... "If NASCAR were smart, they would take the Cup Car of Tomorrow — remember the extra large or XL Cup car or the Dodge Avenger and Chevrolet Impala — and make that body style and configuration the Sunday car. Then take the current Cup car — the Monte Carlo, the Fusion, the Camry and the Charger — and make it the Busch car". I like the "If NASCAR were smart" part... but he went on to say... "The current Cup owners would have a place to get rid of their obsolete fleet of cars. They could sell them at bargain prices so Busch teams could afford to buy the cars". Now there is a thought to ponder... what is going to happen to the current cup cars? A giant NASCAR museum!! Maybe they will put them on Barrett-Jackson Auction. DW has a good idea!! Wow!! And he added... "You would have the Car of Tomorrow/XL Cup car in the Nextel Cup Series. The current Cup car would become the Busch car, and then you've got the Craftsman Trucks. All three series would have their own identity". OK but how do those larger cars perform? And what about the production costs? And has the Busch series lost it's identity? Way too much for my puny mind to figure out!!

I found that image of "The Lost Legend" Tommie Elliott (1931 - 1989) on All Racing Classifieds. Tripod. com... driving the famed XL-1. The car of Yesterday XL!!


SparkyPlug said...

Did you say DW was horny!

Nice blog!

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