Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Greg's Quest

Greg Biffle said in a recent article, "They're just uneducated about NASCAR," they're not uneducated folks, but a lot of them are uneducated about NASCAR." He was of course speaking about Washington State House representative Larry Seaquist and Frank Chopp, the State House Speaker, both Democrats. I know this is old news, but having been a long time fan of Greg, I hope he manages to get somewhere with these morons. I also feel a track in the Northwest would do well. Maybe Greg should give these guys an all expense paid trip to Talladega... wouldn't that ruffle their feathers!!!
Winter will not go away...it's below zero this morning and my 14 year old daughter started softball practice yesterday. At least they are able to use the school gym...but it's suppose to be spring!!! And the daylight savings time starts this weekend....yeah!! I'll be rolling out the gas grill in long jon's.
Photo credit: Ameriquest.com


Gvav1 said...

I like a man who lives on Lake George...cool name, if you know what I mean!

We never did have winter down here in Fla!

I like Biffle too, gets up on the wheel, don't like that 2007 paint scheme though!

racefan57 said...

By "George"... it's a very pristine lake nestled in the Adirondack Mts. with ice so thick right now they could hold a cup race on it!!

Rusty Wallace is about as cold as Lake George... he should learn from brother Kenny

RevJim said...

I've been to Lake George, and it is beautiful. I love upstate NY almost as much as Colorado. Most people know about as much about the countryside in the state of New York as Larry Seaquist knows about NASCAR.

Onebadwheel.com said...

That's a good analogy Rev Jim. I've been through upstate New York and couldn't believe it myself. Just like a non-NASCAR fan can't believe the stereotypes they hold too. Good point.

If you can stand the 100+ degrees down here in Texas rf57 there is still plenty of room. 70's all this week. I never stop grilling all year long.