Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scott Speed

Dover always delivers and last nights NCTS race was proof.
Seeing Kyle Busch lose his Tranny turned my whole attitude around.... for the simple reason of redundancy. Unless of course you want to refer to the past 3 Truck races having first time winners...that being redundant, but not a boring one. Shrub's name in the news is very old.
Congratulations to Scott Speed.

Greg Biffle is high up on my Fave Driver's list..........GO GREG!!!!!
He won the Coors Light Pole Award, but can his Roush equipment hold up? He has had a winning car several times this season only to lose due to equipment failure. It'll be interesting to see what happens at Sunday' race.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dirt Trackin

Fonda Speedway, Fonda NY
Photo by Me!

Pattyjo and I took our 10 year old's son and nephew to one of our local dirt tracks last night. The boys had a blast...but I think Patty and I had more fun. It was our first...why? Good question because we have 5 of these tracks within an hour and a half from our house. We now plan on going to more. Lebanon Valley Speedway in Western Mass. is next on our list. Tony Stewart has raced there and The World of Outlaws are regulars.

Coca-Cola 600!!...Shrub again?? Getting old!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Farewell Humpy

H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler

With the media abuzz with Wheeler's announcement, I felt it appropriate to wish him a farewell. His retirement from Lowes Motor Speedway may indeed be a gift to the NASCAR World as a whole. Perhaps his passion and genius for Stock Car Racing Marketing can be shared at the helm with Helton and others. Lord knows they need all the help they can get and Humpy is the man that can make drastic positive changes. Afterall... this is the guy who had a dead chicken placed in a large shark's mouth and driven around the track on a flatbed.... all this to honor D.W.'s new nickname, "Jaws". I truly enjoyed the movie "Cars" and in fact I own a diecast collection of the entire cast. Humpy played the voice of "Tex", the Cadillac, a voice heard by millions around the world, a voice that many look up to and a voice that I'm sure will continued to be listened to. So will he still cast his All-Star Race winner predictions? He'll be missed at Lowes, but his presence will not dwindle in the racing world.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Matt Crafton....Finally !!

Photo... NASCAR Media Archives

After an unlikely turn of events at Lowes Motor Speedway and a very strange attrition rate, Matt Crafton brings himself a victory after 178 starts. It's awesome to see something like this and especially in the Truck Series where the races are always dominated by a select few, a select few that found themselves with banged up wrecked trucks, Black Flagged or some other cause of their demise. Emotions even played part as Todd Bodine was sent to the end of the line for aggressive driving after he spun Hornaday. It was one crazy act after another that led to this young mans first victory.

Good for him!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day Mom's

Photo Credit Me!

My wife Patty and son Adam.

I've been seriously slacking here. I'll try to post more often.... life has been crazy and I have too many logs on the fire.

Kyle Busch is on a role. I enjoyed the race nonetheless and even though the Shrub is one hell of a racer his dominance is getting to be a bit like deja' Vu..... JJ last season.

I sat and watched The Biff having a great night wondering when some piece of Murphy's law would come into play. I even mumbled out loud that this is too good to be true. Perhaps his statement during his DNF interview has merit. He seemed to be conveying a message that his RoushSox equipment is crap. When is his contract up? I'll have to look into that or if someone knows please tell me. I can see Greg doing very well in a Chevy.

Dale Jr. is really having a great season. His Hendrick car is almost always good and he is driving incredibly well. A victory for him is very high on my wish list. It was nice to see his mother there with him...she looks good. I think that may have been the first time I've seen her. He needs a win, but his stoic attitude is awesome. No whining, no bitching, just disappointment with determination.

Looking forward to the All Star race on Saturday night. It's alway fun to watch.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Get a Grip...Updated... 5/7/08

Photo Credit NASCAR Media

When I saw this wreck happen my first thought was "Oh no....not Jr.!" It truly was not either one's single fault. I cannot help but give a big Kudos to both of these guys. They said it like it happened in post interviews.

Kyle Busch is a racer! Period, and I will not fault him for that. His style is his and it will win him a Championship one day. At 24 years old he can out drive most anyone... what will he be like at 34 years old?!

Reading forums gives me a chuckle. The comments from the Jr. Nation are ridiculous. I respect Dale 100%. I am not a huge fan but he is one of my fave's. He is not God! He is not his Father! He is not untouchable! He is simply another racer who happens to have a Fan frenzy about him which in some ways is a turnoff. Many people are Fans of his simply because everyone else is... followers. I wonder how many of these folks are actually closet Fans of another less popular driver... they wear #88 garb in public but have hidden merchandise of the #24, #48, or possibly the #18!

Update...Wed. May 7th.

Okay... it's obvious it doesn't take much to ruffle feathers where Dale Jr. is concerned. Guaranteed, had this happened between Busch and Jeff Gordon I certainly would not have been writing about it in my tiny blog and half the world wouldn't know about it.

First of all...Kyle is reckless, oh and I stand corrected on his age... 23 not 24. His recklessness, selfishness and narcissism... umm.. could it be immaturity ?? I know at 23 I was not the most responsible kid on the block. Am I defending him? No! I am a realist and am not afraid to say it as I see it... the reality is... he is only 23, a child.

My statements about Jr. fans are in the general sense and not directed at all! There are many who are genuine, many who are dedicated for the right reasons. Dale is hard not to like, but my point is.. he is just another race car driver and it's his huge fan base along with the majority of them being fanatic that creates the otherwise not chaos.

My writing is often misconstrued because I write in a dry sense with much more information between the lines than meets the eye. If I wrote everything I thought on a subject no one would read my blog because it would be pages of useless jargon, so I'm brief, to the point and sarcastic.

Have a great Day!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hometown Hero

Photo Credit NASCAR Media

Slumber overtook my desire to see the finish to the Lipton Tea 250 at Richmond. I even snoozed during the afternoon yesterday with hopes of seeing the Nationwide race in it's entirety, but when one rises long before the birds do on a daily basis, by 9:00 pm the Sandman is dumping bags of the stuff on my eyes.

I am happy for Denny Hamlin, JGR and the Virginian folks who wanted to see their hometown hero in Victory Lane. A feel good finish that I missed... I am staying awake tonight if I need to super glue my eyes open.

Kudos to Steve Wallace for finally finishing a race.