Friday, March 30, 2007

Miracles do Happen

I have to thank one of our fellow Blogater's, Mike at Trouble In Turn 2 for lifting my all assuming ignorance. It's a miracle!! This because I would have been sitting in front of the tele tuned in to The Speed Channel cursing because the Truck Race was replaced by the American Le Mans Series. For the first time ever Fox will air the NCTS. This will include coverage from The Hollywood Hotel with Chris Myers and Jeff Hammond. The race will be covered by the usual Speed guys, Rick Allen and analyst Phil Parsons and of course D.W. will be on hand for his antics. The Trucks deserve this coverage and it gives those who cannot receive the Speed Channel an opportunity to see some awesome racing!

Back at the Cottage...I had previously written about our new pup, Coco, having had a shoulder injury and we could have returned him but we did not and instead got a female, Pebbles, from the place. They were good about it. We brought Pebbles home last night so now we have two Minature Pinschers. I am a glutton for punishment as Coco insists on sitting on my lap while I try to type this. They require lots of attention!!


John said...

Puppies are the next best thing to grandchildren.

Starla said...

I think my mom would agree with that.