Monday, March 26, 2007

Flyin Brick

Tony Stewart says it's "The Flyin Brick"...but it flew for him, that is until he found himself on pit road with the hood up. He had the race hands down and following him was teammate Denny Hamlin who dominated until his "Brick" crumbled. Kyle Busch Baby winning... he deserved a win but later complained about the new car. Jeff Burton could have easily won had he not been so scholarly. I thought for a minute that "Happy" Kevin Harvick would take the checker but a late caution changed that. Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a decent day for a change with a 7th place finish and Greg Biffle finished 5th but had a post race inspection problem and is now facing penalties. The Evernham guys started out well but faltered and Kasey Kahne found himself behind the wall again!! A good race but about as predictable as the weather is here in upstate NY.

Dale Jarrett
got bumped by Matt Kenseth which has put MWR in a worse spot than before...if that's possible!! Next week NASCAR begins guaranteeing a spot in the field to the top 35 current drivers and none of the Toyo teams are in the top 35.

Dave Dispain should consider changing the time for airing "Wind Tunnel" He gets all the post race whiners and half of the call-in's would blow a .15% BAC!!

Back at the Cottage...Pattyjo has a soft spot for Reed Sorenson who seems to get DNF's on the regular. When the Green flew yesterday she looked at me and said "watch Michael...Reed will get taken out in the first 20 laps" "George" if she didn't nail that...well close enough. She wants me to "Ask D.W." who has the record for the most DNF' please!!! I ask my readers to help me out of this one...if anyone has a clue to this answer I'll pay you for it!! Anything but "Ask D.W."!!!


Clance' McClannahan said...

According to (He has pages of stats" Don't quote me as gospel but it looks like it was D.W. with 173 DNF's followed closely by Terry Labonte with 159.
I may be wrong as I just skimmed the sats, but perhaps, Pattijo will get to claim Reed Sorenson as the all time DNF record holder if his :luck" continues. Naw...I don't think so.

John said...

After a very quick look at, I'll go with Richard Petty. 1184 starts, 835 Running at Finish = 349 DNFs.

You have to remember that back in the day they ran more races. Richard didn't start them all (except in 1968) but here's his starts for the 60's:
1960 - 40 starts of 44 races
1961 - 42 starts of 52 races
1962 - 52 starts of 53 races
1963 - 54 starts of 55 races
1964 - 61 starts of 62 races
1965 - 14 starts of 55 races
1966 - 39 starts of 49 races
1967 - 48 starts of 49 races
1968 - 49 starts of 49 races
1969 - 50 starts of 54 races

And drivers today complain about how long the season is.

I like 1968. 49 starts, 16 wins, 16 DNF's (all from mechanical failure)
No wonder he's The King.

Starla said...

When is Tony going to win one??? Poor Tony, his year has not been going very well. Why can't Jimmie Johnson have a bad year?

Racefan57 said...

Wow!! DW has that many DNF's and Pattyjo wanted me to ask
Thanks Clance'

John..thank you!! Send me your bill <: Those stats are very impressive...could be that "The King" ran so many races is why his numbers are so high

I agree Starla...Tony had that race but he will rebound!!

Pattyjo has another question...what race had the fewest cars left on the field after the checker???
My guess would be at one of the super speedways after "The Big One"

SparkyPlug said...

Jarrett is going to give Kenseth a dog whoppin' soon!

Stephen said...

Heh. I agree with the comment on Wind Tunnel--just saw part of the tape last night. Where do these people come from??? :)