Monday, April 2, 2007


Ironboy could have tripped Jimmie for the win at Martinsville, but instead played tag with him because the big "H" in the box says "play nice boys". In contrast it doesn't really matter... Hendrick's teams are dominate. It seems if it's not one than it's another. If it wasn't for my own passion of racing I would be losing interest. So many paradoxes..."let him win"..."Hendrick vs. Hendrick"..."Non-Hendrick fans enjoying an awesome finish"..."a love-hate relationship"..."disgusted devotion". that's racin and I ought to just accept that, but it's become a bit of an enigma and it may always remain one of racing nature's secrets. Cunning, baffling and powerful!! Lets hope that Texas heat brings the Hendrick boys to their knees!!

Footnote: According to the online Wikipedia . . . "A Conundrum is a puzzling question. . . . More broadly, a conundrum is any problem where the answer is very complex, possibly unsolvable without deep investigation. A mystery or paradox can often be phrased as a conundrum." (from


olde typewriter said...

Why can't Bobby Labonte or Martin Truex Jr or just somebody else win a race, please sweet baby Jesus make it happen...have a blessed day!

RevJim said...

I don't think Johnson would be that good if it wasn't for Knaus. I think, of the Hendrick drivers, Schrub Busch is a better driver than Johnson, because he is more competitive in a car that is hard to handle. I'm not saying that Johnson isn't talented--his is very talented, but Knaus is a genius.

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