Friday, April 27, 2007

Fast Track

Dega always delivers and with the new surface unsuspected drivers are breaking the sound barrier. Grounding rookie's at yesterdays Busch practice until new restrictor plates could be installed was a smart move. Safety First!! NASCAR may be a lot of "things", but they always place driver safety up front. Ya know something is amiss when the fastest practice runners are, respectably, Mike Bliss, Ward Burton and who the hell is Brent Sherman? It'll be interesting to see what the Cup drivers do this afternoon.

In a previous post I had ranted about Jeffyboy being dubbed with nicknames unbefitting and certainly undeserving as the nicknames in question belong to other's such as "Ironman" and "Big Daddy". Now I find an article proclaiming him to be the "Tiger" of NASCAR. If anyone starts calling him "Tiger"... yeah I'm talking to you D.W.... I think it'll be time for me to design and print up bumper stickers and posters offering a prize for the best nickname both befitting and deserving.

Should AT&T be allowed to use it's logo on Jeff Burton's #31? Ridiculous antics if you ask me. It's only one car and it's silly to think it would pull any interest away from the "Nextel/Sprint Cup". If anything all the publicity the litigation has created has given AT&T more NASCAR publicity than they ever thought possible.


MIKE said...

If I remember right, after the resurfacing of "dega" the drivers didn't have to make hardly any changes to setups on their cars. Just fast and fun!!

On AT&T, your right. Plus what I really don't understand is this. AT&T and Cingular are the same. It is the same company. They are just making everything AT&T (rebranding). All they want to do is change the name. Is Sprint/Nextel THAT worried? It is little kids in a sand box!

Mike said...

I don't agree with the Tiger comparison either. There is more parity in NASCAR than there is on the PGA tour.

As far as the Busch guys go, practice times at a plate track are pretty meaningless. They have as much bearing as if Brent Sherman declared he would win the 2008 Nextel Cup. Everyone would say that's swell and move on.

-The other Mike