Wednesday, April 18, 2007


The fact that the #32 Tide car has been retired does not surprise me. Owner Cal Wells lost the Tide sponsorship at the end of 2006. Why wouldn't the Tide go out? He had drivers like Scott Pruett, Ricky Craven and last and least Travis Kvapil. Tide is a big name and it makes me wonder how long some of the other big name sponsors will hold out on non- productive race teams. Wells now owns the #00 Domino's car or I should say is "listed" as the owner because Mikey purchased the #32 owner points from Wells last year. So now Wells has found himself in another non-productive arena with MWR. Sponsors want exposure and with the way things are going with MWR they are getting plenty... just the wrong kind. Like everything else, there is going to be an attrition rate. One can't help but wonder how long Napa, Domino's and UPS will hold on. Gotta love those DJ UPS commercials though.

Back at the Cottage... Winter is coming to an end today after several encores. We are actually looking at temps reaching the 70's by early next week.


Mike said...

I have to believe Toyota and their sponsors knew what the risks were entering 2007. Otherwise they are foolish for not realizing that Toyotas were going to struggle to make races.

rob ijbema said...

shame about tide,they were my favourite cars 'cos they were so bright!

charlie said...

The Tide and Kodak cars were two of the most recognizable rides in NASCAR for a long time. Two of the first big consumer product sponsors that help to make NASCAR more mainstream. Hard to see Prilosec and Viagra taking their place. Oh yeah... Viagra is already gone.