Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Missing Person

Now we've heard everything! The only thing missing was a bottle of Jack, oh yeah, and Mikey!! He should never have cheated and lied because it's obvious his payback is a bitch. For those of you that haven't heard... the imbecile lost control doing 70 mph in a 55 zone {pit road penalty} rolled and hit a telephone pole with his SUV, left the scene and walked home. Eye witnesses!!! The Police were not able to get to him for 6 hours but did find him at home and charged him with reckless driving and leaving the scene... well what do they expect?? He can't race on a track so he's doing it on public highways!! There was apparently no alcohol involved but how do they know that for sure. He'll be qualifying at Texas this week with bandages covering his shame. I can't help but wonder if he's hiding something... six hours is plenty of time to sober up.

Other news...Michael Waltrip has disappeared without a trace


Olde Typewriter (Vroom!) said...

Poor Mikey...he should have been driving a Chevy, it wouldn't have rolled!

TSRFan said...

Not quite 6 hours. AP reports, as did Nascar Now, that the accident took place around midnight when he fell asleep at the wall. Waltrip was issued a ticket by the N.C. Highway Patrol at about 1:50 a.m., after a state trooper went to his home.

Mikey also said that he was unaware that a one car accident had to be reported to the police.

At least he didn't try to bully the cop like Busch did in Phoenix, or worse yet, run home and hide under the bed like Scott Wimmer a few years ago. Then again, alcohol WAS involved in those two incidents.

Starla said...

Yeah I agree with you, what is he drinking or what drug is he on.

Racefan57 said...

tsrfan...this is what I've found on the story plus I watched NASCAR Now last night...

"The Highway Patrol told WSOC-TV in Charlotte that Waltrip was driving about 70 mph in a 50-mph zone when he went off the right side of the road on a curve around 1:50 a.m. on Saturday.
A witness told state troopers that Waltrip crawled out of the car and left the scene. Police arrived to find an empty vehicle with blood in it. They went to Waltrip's home at 2:30 a.m., but nobody answered the door.
According to WSOC-TV, Waltrip was found at his home by a trooper at around 8 a.m. with scratches on his face and deep cuts on his finger."

1:50 am until 8:00 adds up to 6 hours....I feel bad for the poor thing but the facts are the facts

TSRFan said...

Facts are facts and in this story they seem to keep changing. After reading a few other stories, it sounds to me like it was MORE, maybe MUCH MORE than 6 hours.

The witness that reported the accident to the police said that she was within 2 feet of him and didn't smell alcohol but when she told him she had called the police he just turned around and walked home.

Very strange behavior for someone who just wrecked his car.

On the bright side, it's time to go to Texas where Smoke smoked them last time out.