Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Day of Fun!

View of Old Downtown Boston

The silhouette is my son Adam pic!!

Happy Feet

I felt like this after I discovered what happened below...

Thank goodness for AAA as our van had to be towed out of the city because of a right front flat but at least I did not slam the wall. We discovered it after returning to the parking garage. We all took it in stride and made humor out of it and it was hilarious packing 6 of us into the tow truck for a 30 minute ride to the tire repair shop.
The building in the background is an IMAX theater...what an incredible "Deep Sea" movie!!!

I DVR'ed the Busch race...but I read that Kennseth won it. I'll watch it later and looking forward to the Tex Cup race!!!


Starla said...

You and your family looked like you had a good day, even if you a flat.

I am hoping Tony can win too! Hopefully JJ won't win.

Starla said...

Woooooooo, JJ didn't win! Still I wish Tony could pull it together and win some races.