Thursday, April 12, 2007

Freak Storm

"Large, Nasty Winter-Like Storm Right on Our Doorstep! A storm system that is causing all kinds of problems in the Midwest is taking aim at the Capital Region! Rain will move in during the late evening, which will turn over to heavy wet snow across the entire region. Meteorologist Katie Virtue is tracking the storm - she has the very latest from the NEWS10 Weather Center."

Just to the right of Katie's pointed finger is the Glens Falls/Lake George Region. I live just below the "Fa" of Glens Falls. Her body and head are covering most of southern Vermont which looks virtually covered in the blue zone. Since our house is in a valley we may be spared and only receive 4 to 6 inches but the blue/white zones are very close. I'm not even bothered by this fact it is rather an interesting phenomena having such a large snow storm this late. By tomorrow temps will rise and by Monday it'll be gone once again.

Other News...Mikey was showering in his pool house while the Trooper sat poolside counting what looked to be a large pile of cash!!


charlie said...

I know that you are originally a Michigander, so you would naturally be better able to handle these late season deals. I was at the Tigers home opener on April 2. Temps got to about 70 and the was out. Looked like a relatively early spring. Been cold, wet and windy ever since. We are just hoping for a change before Toledo Speedway opens Saturday. Cold's OK. Rain - not so much. Thanks for commenting over at the Bench Racing blog. I have enjoyed you writing for a while. Last time I tried to comment, I had a problem. Hopefully this time will work. Enjoy whatever weather you get. Like we have a choice.

Starla said...

All I know is some older folks have seen snow storms in April, but I want Spring to come back again. said...

"...counting what looked to be a large pile of cash"