Thursday, April 19, 2007


Kudos go out to NBC Anchor Brian Williams and the media in general for their coverage of this tragedy. Brian has integrity beyond and his first hand knowledge after receiving an overnight envelope from this sick minded kid... 'Multimedia manifesto' sent to NBC ... only proves this. Kudos also goes out to NASCAR and Brian France for displaying the VT logo on all 3 major NASCAR cars and trucks over the next 3 weeks.

I am outa sorts this morning. This tragedy has touched people all over the world and no matter how macho or stoic I'd like to be, I cannot. My heart especially goes out to the parents who have lost children to Cho's rampage. I can empathize having had tragically lost a 17 year old daughter in 1999, but not at the hand of a crazed gunman, but rather a car accident...albeit, I know what these parents are feeling and there is nothing worse or more unnatural. Time does aide in healing but the wounds will remain forever open.


Starla said...

It always hurts more when they are so young and so full of life. I agree time heals, but the scars are still there.

Clance' said...

This was a terrible tragedy. I have had to turn off the tv cuz too much negativity gets me down. I will be glad for Phonenix, even tho that bums me a little. We usually go there for this race every year.