Friday, April 13, 2007

Shushi Anyone

The Twin Ring Motegi in Japan will host the 5th annual IndyCar Race on the 21st of this month. It'll be on ESPN but it is a tape delay because the actual time of the live race is 12:00 a.m. EST. Japan's Open Wheel Racing history has been spotty but it seems the IRL has found an annual venue there. The first race held there was in 1966 at Fuji Speedway. Legendary Jackie Stewart won the Fuji Japan 200, which was held as an exhibition race, and no championship points were awarded. USAC did not return. 22 years after that in 1998 the Cart Series spent 5 years there before IndyCar came in 2003.

I'm so hoping that the Hendricks' boys are plagued with gremlins at Texas this week...but my expectations and hopes will probably be shattered by the way things have been so far this season. Could Marky be the Dark Horse? Hell!!! It could be anyone... but will it?

Other news...David Ragan takes the pole for the Texas Busch race...maybe Mikey should have hired him and if your interested in seeing a pic of Mikey's totalled Toyo visit Green-White-Checker

Photo Credit: J.B. Hare


TSRFan said...

It's tough to see how much damage there is from that picture but since it's leaning against a tree (power pole?) it looks like it could have been pretty bad. I think Mikey should be in church thanking God that he's alive/not in the hospital this Sunday.
I don't imagine he'll be getting ready to race.

Starla said...

Yeah I am hoping that those Hendricks' boys are plagued with gremlins too! LOL!

Steve said...

Yea .... the Hendricks' boys are the team to beat.