Sunday, April 29, 2007

Aaron's 312

Bobby Labonte drag-raced teammate Tony Stewart after the pair of Kevin Harvick Inc. cars drafted pass several others to take over the lead and win at Talladega. It was a great finish and an awesome BGN race for a change.

Once again Kyle Busch pointed his crooked finger at someone else. One would think that after such an ass-whoopin crash that he would've been humbled...but nooooo!!! Blame, blame! Shame on you Shrubs.

Watching and listening to Smoke explain things with his tail between his legs made many of us here at the cottage think he was only saying what the Musketeers wanted to hear. It's all too obvious that if it were not for his blasphemy of the NASCAR Gods on Sirius he would not have been spanked for his early departure last Sunday.

Kudos to the young Erik Darnell for his first win at Kansas in the NCTS race.

Have a happy race day!!!

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charlie said...

Man, it was good to see Bobby win a race.