Thursday, April 26, 2007


Have you ever seen a happier face? I took this shot at Talladega last April. It may seem just like another picture of someone standing next to a drivers trailer but because of what happened the previous day during the Busch race this photo is a least in my mind and it is my wife, Pattyjo.

It's quite obvious that Patty is all about Smoke. What I had witnessed and heard from her the day before was hysterical fear and a promise that I would be spending the next day {Cup Race} by myself. This was after the #33 Old Spice car went flying upside down sliding on it's roof through the tri-oval which was smack dab in front of us. Her first live race and she thought her favorite driver had just gone to that big track in the sky. I assured her that Tony was fine and sure enough he climbed out of the upside down car and waved. She said that she hates NASCAR!! It took about 8 hours for her to calm down and watching the NCTS on the tele in our motel that night made a difference with all the wall slamming.

It's Sunday and look who is at the track!!
She actually got Ron White to talk to her!!

And she sat through 3 hours of rain delay only to have the race postponed until Monday.

All of this after she surprised me with the tickets!!

She is a keeper!!


4ever3 said...

Good post! I wish I would get tickets from my wife for anything. I've been hinting for the last 15 or so years about Molson Indy tickets in Toronto since the race is usually the same week as my birthday - still no luck. Maybe this year, or not.

vroom said...

Ever since that BGN race I've been turning my Old Spice deodoarant upside down before applying it...

Starla said...

I love the picture. I can't wait until the race. Still hoping anybody will win besides the Hendrick drivers.

charlie said...

That picture of you opening your tickets is perfect. Happy birthday.