Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Defending Smoke

It's no secret that Smoke has an attitude and it has gotten him into trouble whether it be on the track, trackside or post race. The idea that he left the track Saturday night to avoid the required post race interviews was probably in everybody's best interest. He may get some consequence out of it from NASCAR but the professional sports writers out there, and one in particular who shall remain un-named by this writer, are feeding on this for what I feel is greed. What better way to get attention from a couple of larger fan bases and then to compare Smoke to, of all people, Jeff Gordon. The integrity of this is nothing but sad. At least Gordon stood up in Stewart's defense and that says something for Jeff but the "writer" stated "Stewart, as great a driver as he is, could learn a few things from Gordon"... gimme a break!!! Gordon's past is littered with crying and whining. Tony has his quirks and a temper and he whines like the best of them but he is Tony "Smoke" Stewart!!

Other news... Mikey is looking to Chevy for answers.


TSRFan said...

1 - Great picture of Tony. Has that '40s movie star look to it.

2 - In the media world, 2 things sell. Controversy and sex. If you can't get a disappointed/upset Tony Stewart to give you an interview right after he gets out of the car, then just create a controversy and say he should be more like Gordon. Never speak his mind, never show any emotion, be the perfect, vanilla, non-controversial phony that sponsors love.
I'll take the REAL Tony Stewart any day.

Harold said...

Jeff gets angry but never storms off the field of action when things don't go his way. During his early years in NASCAR when he was referred to in demeaning terms such as Wonder Boy as well as having his sexuality called into question by rednecks who're married to their cousins, he showed a maturity in the media beyond his years.

Jeff never has had a sponsor to take him out to the woodshed as did Tony several years ago. Most definitely, Tony could learn from Jeff.

MIKE said...

I have to agree with tsrfan...that is a cool picture of Tony.

And well, yeah the media is unbeleivable at times. Acutally, they don't suprise me to much anymore.

"...learn a few things from Gordon...." what are they talking about? Really makes me laugh.

Cheyenne said...

In my book, Smoke can't do no wrong.

charlie said...

Mikey better hope that NAPA isn't looking at Chevy for answers.