Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Hump Day

Greg Biffle is determined to get a track built in the Seattle area... "I've talked to [NASCAR officials] and they said they're not going to give up for sure, but … I think now … the shoe is going to have to be on the other foot," he said. "They're going to have to pursue us." This "Quest" is bigger than life...might as well climb Mt. Everest!! Keep trying!! ICS is still eyeing metro NYC too, another near impossible mission that would come much easier if they would shift their focus just slightly north or west from the Big Apple. There are miles and miles of rural farm country with interstates abound very close to NYC. Geez!!! Maybe I should send them idiots some aeriel photos!!

Sad news... Jimmy Sprinkle, a mechanic for Brian Vickers Red Bull team was shot in his own frikkin driveway Saturday Night. The shot took his life and according to The Hickory Daily Record, police say they have identified a suspect in the shooting but they are not naming names and no charges have been filed

Other news... NASCAR is putting smoke detectors in the CoT.

Back at the Cottage... Pattyjo starts her new job this week as a county Corrections Officer...quite a transition from Paramedic, but at least she can issue bandaids along with the extra blankets and pillows that I'm sure she'll be handing out for comfort.


Olde Typewriter (Vroom!) said...

That's funny Rookie....smoke detectors!!!

Seattle makes good coffee and would make good racing too...let's stop going twice to some of these cookie cutters each season.

tsrfan said...

I wonder if NASCAR went to the teams and told them, "Guys, we've designed the safest car ever. If you get in wreck there's almost no chance you're going to get hurt. You do have to be careful though because it tends to catch on fire when you're racing."

rob ijbema said...

don't tell me there is another race this week,i can;t keep up! eeek!

RevJim said...

ISC will be trying to build a track near Denver, too, which won't go over. They already had a good track less than an hour away from Denver, but they tore it down and sold it. Expansion for PPIR had already been funded by Colorado Springs and El Paso County, and ISC essentially turned it down. That won't help them get anywhere with Denver, which has the same closed-mindness toward NASCAR as Seattle and NYC.

ABAT said...

I hope they remember to regularly check the batteries in those smoke detectors. "Guys we've made you safe from crashes with the safer barrier, self-sealing gas tanks and the flap on the roof, but safety is now your responsibility. If your smoke alarm starts beeping from a flat battery you have to come into the pits and get the battery replaced. And we'll be watching you!"