Monday, April 30, 2007

Seeing Red

Having been to Talladega I understand completely what the term "Earnhardt Nation" means. The Earnhardt fans, whether it be Sr. or Jr. and in most cases it's both, seem to be the most dedicated fans on the planet. It's no secret that many of them despise Jeffyboy, as well as the fans of some other drivers that seem to hate him. Watching him take the win at Dega by default made the Sea of Red see red!! And then there was that one lone roll of toilet paper unraveling it's way to victory lane. Several fans were arrested and removed in handcuffs for the beer can toss, but the person who threw the toilet paper was probably brought down to Victory Lane to share in the festivities. This because fans have been told it's cool to toss toilet paper...probably because NASCAR can't get enough of it!!
It looked like to us that Gilligan deliberately rear ended Smoke after the initial spin. I haven't yet taken the time to surf and read...but I'm sure we'll hear more about this. I thought Tony was about to blow his probation!!


Vroom said...

I say better to toss TP than to waste a Bud!

MIKE said...

I thought Tony was going to blow it funny.

Also how ironic that a debris caution saves him.

How about Newman and Montoya.....hope that doesn't blow up. Newman and team really rallied there at the end.

MIKE said...
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Starla said...

I am about to blow off Nascar all together. Out of 9 races, 7 of those have been won by Hendrick drivers. I'm getting sick of it.

Anonymous said...

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