Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hot Stuff

The desert was on fire last night!! That was an awesome race and I had no trouble staying awake. I was a little disturbed over the green flag pit stop/caution that sent a few unsuspecting drivers a lap down and then they regained the lap by not pitting under caution which put them at the rear of the pack...accept for Ryan who made a mistake in the pits and went 11 laps down. He was running so well too!!! Smoke had an awesome 2nd place finish and teammate Denny is the "Comeback Kid"

I am not a Gordon fan, but I have to give him a big kudos for the victory run displaying the #3 flag. That was a great tribute for Gordon tying up with Dale on victories.

Next weeks race at Talladega Superspeedway will bring back fond memories. Pattyjo and I were there last year.


charlie said...

One of these days, Ryan's luck will change. That was a good run for that team.

Starla said...

I was happy to see Tony get second; I still wish he could have pulled off a win. But it is better then what he has been doing lately.

MIKE said...

Great Race!! Glad to hear from another Newman fan and a Michigander.

Newmans time is coming this year!


Thanks for adding the link. I am going to do the same, but I need to add a 'blog roll'.



rob ijbema said...

Jeff has been very consistant this year,and now a win!he's looking good
roll on!