Saturday, April 7, 2007

Awesome Easter Basket

The newest addition to my collection is this tribute car in dedication to Dale Sr. and his induction to the Motorsports Hall of Fame. The Hall is right next to Talladega Superspeedway. Pattyjo and I had the privilege to be there last year for the induction and watch as Jr. raced the "Black" #8. The diecast is actually an Easter gift.

"NASCAR International"
Could this be the future? From the backwoods on the Deep South to the Swiss Alps!!

In Golf... The rookies are tearing up the greens in Hotlanta, but it's still anyones game. Green Jacket hopeful, Tiger, is scratching his head.


The Dixie Butcher said...

Very cool! Those things are so neat - so many fun moving parts to play with! The only one we have is that RnR 400 #07 that Blaney drove.

But Cecil was cleaning the bedroom yesterday and he found a 1/64 solid chocolate #20 car we got for Easter TWO YEARS AGO! I'm afraid to try to eat it at this point, do ya blame me?!

Starla said...

That is a nice diecast you got there, totally awesome. I only have one diecast and that is Tony's first championship car. It was a gift also.

Racefan57 said...

thanks ladies

Dixie I think I would save that "Smokin" chocolate car as a collectors long as it doesn't melt.

Starla Pattyjo has a couple of cool Tony cars...autographed. The #20 has so many diecast to choose from today...that one you have is a great car!!

RevJim said...

That is a very nice diecast. I am limited, by budget to 1/64 diecasts, and my collection does not consist of much as it is. Hopefully it will grow.

Snafam said...

Gee, and all I got for Easter was a day off!

Nice diecast!