Thursday, November 29, 2007


I had hopes of making the trip down to Times Square tomorrow, but sadly my schedule won't allow it. There's always next year. By the looks of things it's very crowded. It's elbow to elbow I'm sure.

All I am finding to read lately is Jimmy Johnson this and that. I don't even bother reading it. I think this has effects on a lot of fans and the media should print some worthwhile stories. I'm sure there are plenty of other things going on other than Johnson getting crowned. Hey!! Helio won Dancing with the Stars!!


TSRFan-John said...

If you think it's bad now, which it is, imagine what it would be like (heaven forbid) if he wins again next year.

Helio also broke up with his fiancee. That ought to be good for at least a couple headlines. Anything but all this Johnson "news".

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid Jimmy this and Jimmy that is on the menu for awhile...maybe there will be some big rules violation at Daytona or a sudden appearance of Honda in the truck series to break the trend....:)

RevJim said...

Actually, it should be pretty big news that Jeff Gordon is letting his personality show. He has been so secretive about "who is Jeff Gordon, really?" up to now, his candor and openness is quite a surprise.

Anonymous said...

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