Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Start to Finish

Another project near completion. The exterior is finished. It took longer than expected due to weather. I have some loose ends on the interior, but it will remain a shell until the home owner gets together another 25 or 30k to finish it off inside. It's always a good feeling to walk away with a satisfied customer.

That's the homeowner on the left getting his hands dirty.

This is ONE funny video
When the Fuel Runs Out


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

nice work there young man...

Starla said...

Hey why did you use Lowes, you should have went to the Home Depot. LOL, just kidding.

I loved the video.

rob ijbema said...

wow,michael,that looks good enough to paint,certainly a job well done.
learned something today,lowes is building material..

RevJim said...

Lowe's !?! I bet you drink Coors Light, too! J/k
Nice work. It fits the original house very well. Good job.