Saturday, November 3, 2007

Texas Roast

Watching Trackside on Speed last night brought several smiles to my face and even a couple of outbursts of laughter. Poor Larry Mac!! Yet he just flows with all the abuse he gets from J. Hammond, E. Sadler and S. Byrnes, but how can they not slaughter Larry Mac?! He had the Texas 20 gallon hat from hell on, or as guest Jeff Burton said... he got it from a "Toy Story" costume shop... Toy Story Costume Woody. Jeff Hammond didn't look much better... he's got a new Garth Brooks theme going on... See full-size image. Not that Garth is bad looking, it's just unbecoming for Jeff. Check out the pic of Garth and if you saw Speed last night you'll get a chuckle.

Mike Skinner and Ron Hornaday continue their exchange of points leader for the NCTS Championship. Skinner, also a guest on Speed last night, has opened up the lead to over 50 points and he has qualified 14th for tomorrows Cup race. These guys have done this "Teeter-Tottering" in the past. Kudos to Ted Musgrave for the big Texas win, but only after several crashes that ultimately gave Ted a victory under a "Green-White Checker".


vroom said...

Who needs a chase format when you have such a gr8 truck battle for the crown!

MIKE said...

Sorry I missed it.

I like Trackside. They always seem to have a lot of fun on that show.