Tuesday, November 20, 2007

White Stuff

Winter has paid us an early visit or perhaps it's a warning of things to come. It started about 4:30 am and by 11:00 am it was still falling. Luckily it did not accumulate much, but the roads proved a challenge with the usual number, more or less, of fender benders. This always amazes me. Every year on the first official snow day drivers have forgotten, from only 8 months ago, how to drive in it. Then of course the local media makes a big deal out of it with graphic footage of a couple of cars with nothing but some smashed up fenders. The talking heads have moved outdoors so they can wear their latest LL Bean parka's on TV and tell us the exact same thing they told us last November. It's so redundant, much like the snow and I feel like they are insulting our intelligence with their patronizing salute to the first snow. Yeah Baby... ya know if we got 24 inches of the crap today that would be news worthy, but hey... it gave me something to bitch about and you're reading it.

This is all in jest of course... actually the snow is rather nice and will be gone tomorrow.

Johnson, Knaus set sights on third Cup title
... can you believe this!! They haven't gotten the damn check yet for this Cup!!


Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

nothing like that first snow....88 days till daytona..and i hope somebody kicks Knaus's butt....:)

RevJim said...

Knaus and Kompany peaked this season, the rest will figure out ways to catch them.