Sunday, November 11, 2007

Need New Name for Buschwhacker

TSRFan brought something to my mind in a comment he left. The "Buschwhackers" will need a new title. He said "Nationwide Ninja's", which is pretty cool, but will it stick?
Last night Pattyjo and I were sitting around watching Shrub whack the crap out of the Busch race and I posed this question to her.
"We need a new name for the Buschwhackers, what do you think Honey?"
She came up with a few, but she said what I also feel... it's not an easy one.
Here's a list and please add to it.
  1. Nationwide Wonders... Pattyjo's choice
  2. Widewhackers... My choice
  3. Nationwide Ninja's
  4. Wisecrackers
  5. Nationwide Whiners... I like this
  6. Nationwhackers
  7. Nationwide Invaders
  8. Nationwide Thugs

None of then are very catchy and long on the tongue.

1 comment:

vroom said...

I'm guessing that you, like me, married up...but your name destroys PJ's!!!