Monday, November 19, 2007

On To Times Square

Times Square in NYC is one of the worlds greatest destinations. I grew up in small town USA on Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, which has it's own little bit of fame. Pictured below [link] is the Grand Haven Musical Fountain. It has been a huge attraction for many decades. One would have to see it to fully appreciate the beauty. Picture Michigan - Grand Haven Musical Fountain

What's this got to do with Champion's week in Times Square? Well, really nothing other than what my memory serves on what was my first sight of Times Square. I was 18, it was in the late fall of 1975 and I ended up in Manhattan somehow. The view of Times Square at night in all it's glory with all it's color and sounds that seemed to blend all together reminded me of the Musical Fountain back home in western Michigan. Seems odd I know, but Times Square is like one big Bluetooth... everything is connected and in sync. Can you imagine the glass shattering noise that will upset this continuity when the Cup Cars roar through. It has got to be awesome.

In many ways I am happy that the '07 NASCAR season has come to an end. It has been a very strange season, almost overwhelming. It has had so many twists and turns, happy moments, sad moments, shocking moments and stupid moments. And for me it did not end on a good moment, because I am far from a Jimmie Johnson fan. '08 should prove interesting and I hope Toyota's and Dodges dominate.

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vroom said...

Strange season indeed!