Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

What a boring a whacked out race at Phoenix. Things could not have been more predictable. Well, other than The Biff charging forward near the end. That was the best part of the race. It was a replay of Texas. NASCAR should tweek the Chase format and move some of these flat tracks around. The drivers love these tracks, but from a fans POV it's boring!! At least I think so.

Johnson or Gordon? I'm rooting for Jeff.

I've built a new blog site. ONE Loose Lugnut is now up and running. It's just for fun and because I liked the idea of having two sites. But beware... I may not be so well behaved at the other site... my dark side may emerge over there, and I may write about anything I feel like other than racing.

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RevJim said...

Just don't froget which site you're on when you post!
I really don't think the race was that boring, I just wish we could see more of it on TV.
They did show Kyle Busch doing his thing for a little bit, My driver did move up 17 places, back 17 places and then up another 17 places, which actually takes a lot of skill on a short track.