Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The King and Family

I do hope the Petty's can pull things together. The recent choice to move to the Yates garage in Moorseville may help. Richard was on the tele Sunday and said if after the 3 year lease is up with Robert Yates and things have improved he will consider building a new complex.

What a legacy, both incredibly impressive and tragic. Adam's death was very sad and having myself lost a teenage daughter to a car accident I have nothing but empathy for this family. His death prompted the family to found the Victory Junction Gang Camp which is a Hole in the Wall Gang camp. These camps are sprouting up around the country with actor Paul Newman to thank for. We are fortunate to have one of about a dozen of these camps right in our backyard. Double "H" Ranch is located in the Adirondacks about 10 minutes west of Lake George. It has been established for about 15 years and has been an incredible attribute to our community. Prior to that it was The Hidden Valley resort. This place, a lodge, has it's own snow ski hill and private lake and when I was a 21 year old I worked there one winter as a lift operator. The people that help Paul Newman build these camps are a Godsend to the children who need it so much.

I wish the Petty's nothing but good fortune and I'd love to see Bobby Labonte drive a winning car.

On the Lighter Side... Can you relate?


vroom said...

Maybe #43 will win at Homey-stead!

RevJim said...

It would be great to see Bobby win at Homestead!
It doesn't surprise me at all that Petty Enterprises' move to Mooresville has struck the NASCAR community so profoundly. Richard is still very much a part of NASCAR, and when he speaks, he is just talking to be talking.