Sunday, December 2, 2007

Time Flies

flag tower
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It seems like last week is when I took this picture. It was actually in September, but here we are only a few short weeks away from '08. I'm looking forward to the Daytona week in Feb., but I just found out this morning that our son's National Guard unit is working the NASCAR Bobsled Challenge in Lake Placid Jan. 3rd-5th, so Pattyjo and I will get VIP passes to that and get to be upclose and personal with Boris Said and Geoff Bodine. This will surely break up the lapse and I'll be sure to get pics.

Back at the Cottage... We are in for a winter storm today and into tomorrow. It hit the midwest hard yesterday but we are also getting a storm off the Atlantic coast, so we have two systems converging on us. I want to move south!!


Vroom said...

Hello 57, 58 here...

And it's 80 degrees in Fla, we want snow, we want snow!

Anonymous said...

That storm is just passing thru here..batten down the hatches...have fun at the bobsled thing I am extremely jealous......:):)