Friday, November 2, 2007

I Conceed

It's all but official, yet sources have indeed confirmed that Bruton Smith has aquired NHIS. I found an interesting article in The Boston Globe, Sources: Bahre agrees to sell NHIS that at least gave the battle between my mind and my heart a bit of hope. Smith is good for the sport in so many ways, yet his power is frightening. He has bought himself a gem and us Nor'Easterner's can only pray he treats her with all the respect and TLC she deserves.

Texas weather is great this time of year!!


pbred8 said...

You can kiss your two NHIR dates good by. Look at what Bruton did to Rockingham. Your track will be shut dow and mothballed for 2009. Texas and Las Vefas will have those dates. This is the only reason Bruton bought bought it. Enjoy next year because it will be the lastNa$car you will ever see there.

Racefan57 said...

Now there is some positive feedback!! This fellow...pbred8... has apparently some inside information because Uncle France has the final word. But thanks for the comment Bud.

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

I am on your side..racefan...If you guys lose a date it's a travesty.....New England race fans are amonst the best

RevJim said...

I think Smith will reconfigure the track, so it will be racier, but I don't think he will move a date from NHIS. He is smarter than ISC, and if the races there sell out, he won't touch them.
He is more likely to switch the second Texas race to Vegas, with NASCAR approval because neither Texas nor Atlanta sold out this year. He knows that NASCAR needs the 1 mile or shorter track at NHIS in the Chase, so I doubt if he will try anything there. Besides, he knows where the most tickets are sold.
If phred8 were right, there would be no races at Bristol. Smith owns that track as well.